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Jetzt bewerben: UN Summer Academy 2017 „Localizing the 2030 Agenda“

UN Summer Academy 2017
Localizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
21. – 25. August

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Innocent Godonou
3. Mai 2017

The SDGs are not known to the students. The school system in Benin needs to focus the children training on the daily problems relative to the environment protection. The culture of tolerance and peace gets a big place in the heart of every student. Food management is a matter of education from my father, who hates shedding foods and showed me how to keep foods in a good condition from wastage. At school, we can see somewhere non eaten foods in dishes. And nobody doesn't care about. The situation shows that the more people don't use rationally foods, the more food shortage will be seen. For the moment, I'd rather sensitize students on the benefits of the environment protection. So it can reduce the rate of unemployment. Green business, economy and touring stand for hopeful alternatives. The motto
"je suis ECOCOLLEGIEN ET TOI? ". That means" I'm an Eco-student and you? " is the communication which prevailed over the cultural festivals. Tree killer or tree planter is the next topic for the 1st June, the National planting day.

Innocent Godonou
30. April 2017

Sustainability stands for a real preoccupation around the world. We're no more sure of the future of the humanity because of the climate change, natural disasters and social insecurity and poverty. Facing these problems the government of my country Benin has set up a ministry in charge of sustainable development. The green economy business and touring have become the real issues. The demolition of houses and strong measures of surveillance of the public places have lead to social and financial consequences. So all these raise the importance of a quality education in the realization of THE STDs. On my behalf I try to gather students around sustainable topics in order to show that they can repair what their elderly people didn't achieve.

Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion
24. April 2017

Dear Folagbade Ekundayo,

thank you very much for your comment and your dedication to international cooperation for sustainable development. We would be delighted if you share your experience in our Sustainablity Community group: www.alumniportal-deutschland.org/services/login/?fwd=/community/pg/groups/5832385/

To sign up for the UN Summer Academy, please go to the website of United Nations System Staff College!

Kind regards,

Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion

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