Our courses

We are offering different course formats on the Alumniportal:

  • Self-paced course: e-learning course that is self-directed by the learner, you are independent from the time-table and not accompanied by a tutor, you don't get a certificate
  • Tutored e-learning course: digital learning content that is accompanied and supported by a tutor, you get a certificate if you fulfil the necessary requirements 
  • Blended Learning course – a combination of e-learning courses and face-to-face sessions, you get a certificate upon completion of all the necessary requirements

Self-paced course “E-learning in a Nutshell”

Talking about learning: would you like to learn a bit more about “Digital Learning”? Take the short course “E-learning in a Nutshell” and get a brief overview on the idea behind Digital Learning, as well as its benefits, challenges and prerequisites.

The course addresses all persons starting to get involved in e-learning, be that students, tutors, authors or project managers.

E-learning in a Nutshell

Course start: anytime
Language: English
Course duration: approx. 3 hours

Further self-paced courses

Expand your knowledge through Lifelong Learning and take our self-paced courses to build up your personal and professional skills!

Get more information here and take one or all of the following courses depending on your interest and needs – others will follow!

Presentation Skills

Course start: anytime
Language: English
Course duration: approx. 70 minutes

Negotiating Successfully

Course start: anytime
Language: English
Course duration: approx. 70 minutes

Cross-cultural communication

Course start: anytime
Language: English
Course duration: approx. 90 minutes

Tutored e-learning course “International Project Management”

Knowledge – Competences – Tools: These are just some of the benefits for you if you participate in the tutored e-learning course “International Project Management”! Learn the basic steps of international project management and apply them to a real project, perform and understand the role of a project manager and be equipped with relevant tools for planning.

Given the big demand and interest in international project management, we are trying to offer this course on a regular basis – please check our website!  

Course start: after successful application and personal invitation
Language: English
Course duration: 8 weeks

Why are so many applying for this course?

We invite you to read what Germany-Alumni from various different countries have to say about it and how the experienced tutor Gláucia Queiroz sees this kind of “learning in a world without borders”.

E-learning course “International Project Management”

Blended Learning course “Entrepreneurship”

Some time ago, Alumniportal Deutschland offered and implemented a Blended Learning course on Entrepreneurship in South-East Asia and the Andean Region. Given the big demand, in June 2018 we are offering a “Blended Learning course on Entrepreneurship for Germany-Alumnae” in the Philippines.