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Quiz: Erich Kästner

Erich Kästner, the famous German writer and journalist, was born 120 years ago on 23 February. His works are still of great importance today. But what do you know about Erich Kästner? Can you remember a famous quote from him? Test your knowledge now with our mini-quiz!

Guessing instead of waiting

Our Advent calendar 2018

In order to shorten the waiting for Christmas especially for the children, there is a nice tradition: the Advent calendar with 24 doors full of surprises. In our Advent calendar quiz you can open a new door every day and answer a question about German delicacies during Advent season!

Quiz: German history

Who proclaimed the Federal Republic of Germany’s Basic Law on 23 May 1949 and was elected to be the first Federal Chancellor shortly afterwards? What does the number “1968” stand for in Germany? When was the Berlin Wall built? And what percentage of women entitled  to vote actually cast their vote in 1919 for the first time? Test your knowledge on German history now! 

Quiz: Forest ecosystem

There are forests in almost every corner of the globe. They are vital to the global climate as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we need to live. Do you know which forested area is the largest on Earth? Or where you can find Europe’s last true primeval forest? Test your knowledge of forests now! 

Quiz: German cities

Germany extends over an area of around 357,000 square kilometres and is home to over 82 million people in 16 federal states. Germany’s three largest cities are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But do you know which German city is the most expensive? And where in Germany the “World Equestrian Festival” takes place? Test your knowledge now!