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Quiz: Currywurst

The “Currywurst” sausage is celebrating its 70th birthday! But what do you know about Germany's most famous snack, the “Currywurst”? Test your knowledge now with our mini-quiz!

Quiz: Alexander von Humboldt

What do you know about the man who was born in Berlin and explored the world in the name of science? Do you know an animal species that is named after him? Test your knowledge now with our mini-quiz!


Your position on Europe

How closely should the states of the EU work together? What should the monetary system look like in the future? Where in Europe do people think like you do? Test yourself with the egometer and find out where you stand!

Quiz: European Union

The European elections are getting closer but how well do you know the EU? Find it out with the EU quiz for beginners. If you like it a bit more challenging then the advanced EU quiz is for you. Have fun guessing!

Quiz: German Literature

Do you know where Emilia Galotti meets the Prince of Guastalla? And whom Harry Haller dreams of in Hermann Hesse's “Steppenwolf”? Answer our five questions and find out how well you are familiar with German literature. Have fun guessing!