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Renewable Energy: Policy, Economic Perspectives and Implementation in MENA

Live stream: 24 April 2017
Recording of the live stream available!

Fading reserves of fossil fuels, climate change, and energy security issues have firmly placed renewable energy (RE) on the agenda of MENA’s leaders.

This episode focussed on issues that affect RE implementation and addressed the following questions:

  • What could be a sustainable energy approach from an economic perspective?
  • What is the status quo of the renewable energy market in MENA?
  • Which RE projects have been realized and which projects are on the future agenda in Iraq?
  • How does the current Egyptian business environment affect RE utilization?
  • What are key issues for RE development from a practitioner’s perspective?

The webinar was jointly organised by the GAMP programmes “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the MENA region” (REMENA) and “Economics of the Middle East” (EMEA) pooling the expertise of their students, professionally-advanced alumni, and affiliate experts. 

Our speakers:

  • EMEA alumna M.Sc. Hend Saadeldin, Economist in Cairo, Egypt, has working experience in economic research across a wide range of topics including climate change and energy. She will talk about “Sustainable Energy Economics.

  • REMENA alumnus M.Sc. Tarek M. Abdulrazek, Research Analyst for various international RE projects, is a specialist in the field of quantitative and qualitative RE market assessment with a background in economics. He will give an “Overview on the Renewable Energy Market in the MENA Region”.

  • REMENA alumnus M.Sc. Sarmid Shakir Abdulsattar, Solar Energy Research Center, Ministry of Science and Technology in Iraq, is an experienced designer and implementer of RE systems. He will present his “Work Performed, Experiences and Future Projects in Iraq”.

  • REMENA alumnus M.Sc. Yasser A. Khalil, Cairo University Coordinator for the EU’s socioeconomic development project “Desire”, will present on the “Analysis and Evaluation of Business Environment for RE Utilization in Egypt”.

  • REMENA alumnus M.Sc. Alireza Taheri, Director International Business Development ABO Wind AG has an extensive background in RE development. He will talk about “Renewable Project Development in Iran – Perspective of a German Developer”.

Webinar Moderation:

  • Werner Wasmuth (GIZ Eschborn)
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Dahlhaus (REMENA Kassel)

In the Chat:

  • Anke Aref (REMENA Kassel)
  • Boban Aleksandrovic (EMEA Marburg)

The session was recorded.

Webinar language: English

How to watch the recorded webinar session?  

First register to the Alumniportal Deutschland, if you have not done so already. Then join the REMENA Alumni and Networking Group. By the way, joining the network is free of charge.


Watch the recorded webinar session!

April 2017


Epolle Mesue
26 April 2017

Greetings. I like the Topic Renewable Energy. I must say that this renewable energy have the following advantage
1)It is highly efficient
2)It does not get finished
3)It does not causes pollution to man or the environment
4)It is easy to main
5)It is Natural

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