Hands-on Projects

Designed as an annual online competition, the Hands-on Projects not only communicate ideas that are worth replicating and build bridges between research and practice, they also awake people’s interest, motivate and provide a platform for cooperation. At the same time, they promote professional networking and the exchange of ideas amongst Germany-Alumni around the world, enabling them to work together to design creative solutions.

The Hands-on Projects have been taking place since 2013 on topics such as Sustainable Development, Digital Society or Global Mobility, which have generated great interest amongst the Alumni Community. On this page you will find all the competitions, the winning teams and their interesting projects and concepts! Get on board and browse through those exciting ideas!

Hands-on Project 2017 - Teaching the Global Goals

The challenge for the participants of the 2017 Hands-on Project „Teaching the Global Goals“was to develop concepts for information or education materials which could contribute in innovative ways to make various social target groups aware of the 2030 Agenda and to raise their sensitivity for the Sustainable Development Goals. More than 40 creative minds focused on ideas and prototypes during the virtual global competition – the results of their work can be found here:

Education materials

Hands-on Projects 2016 - Setting out

The 2016 Hands-on Project  “Setting out - People on the move” examined the topic of returning to your home country after a stay in Germany and asked what awaits Germany-Alumni when they return home after their education, their studies or their advanced training in Germany. The alumni and their own personal stories of returning to their home countries were at the centre of interest.

Using the digital storytelling method and multi-media, photographs, short videos and text elements the virtual teams told fascinating stories.

Multi-media stories

Read also an interview with Nicolas Martin, a journalist who supported the Hands-on Project as an expert and a member of the jury.

Hands-on Project 2015 - Sustainable living

The 2015 Hands-On Project dealt with the focus topic “Sustainable living. The participants had been asked to develop a concept for a digital product that facilitated or explained sustainable living (consumption, mobility, housing). The idea was to implement the most promising idea, e.g. as an app for smartphones.

Product concepts

Read here an interview with the winning team “Eco Kinder” that developed a concept for an educational game!

Hands-on Project 2014 - Digital Society

In the 2014 Hands-on Project on “Digital Society“ the 18 international teams were working on topics like mobile money, distance education or digital media and enterprise collaboration. Based on their teams’ research, the teams created Digital Mindmaps in which they visualized their findings.

Digital Mindmaps

Read our interview with the winning team „Digitizer“, consisting of alumni from Serbia, Peru and Turkey, which convinced the jury with their detailed research and creative mind map!

Hands-on Project 2013 - Sustainability

The 2013 Hands-on Project on Sustainability which confronted 16 teams from four continents with considerable challenges involved four tasks: virtual team building, researching a specific topic and writing two future scenarios, producing a video and finally, finding supporters on the Alumniportal. The topics addressed included climate change and flood protection, sustainability of urban transport, urban agriculture, sustainable tourism in protected areas, and biodiversity in rural areas.

Future scenarios

Here you can read an interview with the winning team!