Nisreen Naffa from Palestine enthuses about German culture and “multiculti” Berlin.

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A German tip for your New Year's resolutions

Starting off the year with ambitious plans to become a better person is a widespread Western tradition. What are the most popular resolutions in Germany? And here's how the German language can help you deal with yours.

Germany – land of newspapers

Freedom of opinion and freedom of the press are considered a precious good in Germany. The wide range of newspapers and magazines is a reflection of the diversity of opinions: 327 daily newspapers, 21 weekly newspapers and six Sunday newspapers inform people not only about global affairs, but also about local events. An overview with the most important facts about newspapers and media consumption in Germany.

National newspapers

The tabloid BILD, the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” or the national daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung”: the wide range of daily newspapers in Germany is a reflection of the diversity of opinions. Overview and links to important national newspapers.

Guessing instead of waiting

Our Advent calendar 2018

In order to shorten the waiting for Christmas especially for the children, there is a nice tradition: the Advent calendar with 24 doors full of surprises. In our Advent calendar quiz you can open a new door every day and answer a question about German delicacies during Advent season!