Nisreen Naffa from Palestine enthuses about German culture and “multiculti” Berlin.

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Was steht in der letzten Sprechblase?

Comics zum Mitraten

In unserer neuen Comicserie zeigen wir Ihnen zehn Folgen über das Leben des Alexander von Humboldt. In der vorletzten Geschichte geht es um das Cyanometer, ein Instrument zur Messung der Intensität der blauen Himmelsfarbe. Raten Sie mit: Was steht in der letzten Sprechblase?

Overview of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany

“AI Made in Germany”

Germany’s goal is clear: To become an international leader in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics – the ultimate goal would be to be number one worldwide. Germany’s position compared to its competitors like the USA or China is the subject of a somewhat heated debate featuring differing assessments. This article presents the current status of AI in Germany and sheds some light on AI policy, courses of study, research, startups, as well as platforms and projects.

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