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The games Germany plays

Hazarding a guess, rolling the dice and making deductions are what Germans enjoy in a good game. Here are the most popular games and a gaming trend for 2018.

What do we find nowadays when we board the bus or train to work? Almost everyone has a smartphone in hand and is immersed in a digital game. But what about those good old board games? The boom in digital gaming has not made them redundant. On the contrary, the toy industry is registering a renaissance in board games. Germans of all ages are meeting for games evenings. Experts intepret this as a desire to slow down and interact with others.

Is Germany a nation of gamers?

In Deutschland spielt (Germany plays), a representative survey by the Yougov market research institute, 70% of respondents said they occasionally play board or card games. There are up to five games of this kind in one third of households.

What do Germans like to play most?

Quiz and knowledge games are most popular, followed by logic and strategy games. Although many new board games appear every year, classics like Mensch ärgere dich nicht and Monopoly remain the best known board games in Germany. This was a finding of a survey called Spieleland Deutschland, which was conducted in autumn 2017. The favourites also include Rummy, chess, Uno and Yahtzee.

“The source of all good lies in playing”, said the German educationalist Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782 – 1852). Learn more about games in our category “Brush up your German” at language levels A2 and B2. 

Games for all ages
Are Germans temperamental players?

In the same survey 39 percent of Germans admitted having at least once stopped playing a game after losing their temper.

Which German games have achieved international success?

Germany’s best known board game designer, Klaus Teuber, produced a bestseller in 1995 with Die Siedler von Catan. As Settlers of Catan, or simply Catan, it has been enthusiastically accepted by games fans all over the world, and so far it has been translated into 35 languages. Global success has also been achieved by Scotland Yard, Carcassonne, Twilight Imperium and Taboo.

What are Germany’s most important trade fairs for toys and games?

The most important international trade fair for this sector is the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg: over 2,850 exhibitors from roughly 60 different countries are represented and a specialist jury honours the best innovations with the Toy Award. The largest public exhibition for board games is the SPIEL fair in Essen. The order of the day during the international event is: Join in the game!

What is the gaming trend of 2018?

Teamwork is the trend of the year: games that enable children to learn how to solve tasks together. In other words, lone wolves or competitive players are not in demand at the moment.

Author: Tanja Zech

The article was originally published here and was republished with permission from Deutschland.de.

July 2018


Suzanne LTuch
6 August 2018

Germany has the greatest boardgame designers in the world, Reiner Knizia is my favorite.
Essen is the largest boardgame exhibition in the world! That is where boardgame of the year is annouced and also where the hottest new games make their debut. If you love games it's well worth the trip.

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