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Infographic: The German Unity – How big are the differneces between West an East today?

Even nearly three decades after reunification, the new states still have more unemployment and better child-care. 

Our infographics show where there are still differences between East and West today – in the areas of Housing & Employment, Family and Eating & Drinking.

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November 2018

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14 November 2018

27 years after the reunification we result in an statistic using very different ways to reach their proper different bases for futur developement.the demographic data with+8 and-11 will explain this.
after the reunification we should had given more weight on factor eastern spending power by their equal paid pensioniers and better paid women.the main reason for this democraphic differents today ,
the labour market an political problem of east and west before the reunification is still not solved but not on the intention social riots way of the east , but after 27 years finally on the western innovation way.

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