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Advent calendar – 08 December 2019

2nd Christmas Challenge (In German only)

Do it better than us!

The DAAD team visited the Bonn Christmas market! In the video they show you how they get into the mood for Christmas.Now you are asked! What are you doing in the run up to Christmas? Is there a Christmas market in your town and if so, what is the most favorite thing you do there?

Upload your ideas via video or photo to the community group Traditions and Festivals or send them by email to redaktion(at)alumniportal-deutschland.org.

Do it better than us!

December 2019


Francisco Navarrete
10 December 2019

In Mexico we celebrate with "Posadas". There are 9 "Posadas", Every night of the 9 days before Christmas. We share with our families with beating to the "Piñatas" with many candies and drinking "Ponche", a sweet taste of "Tejocote" fruit.

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