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Water initiatives from Germany

How Germany is committed to ensuring access to clean water worldwide.

Water is life – yet is in increasingly short supply. What the German government and civil society are doing to ensure that people all over the world have access to clean drinking water. Five initiatives, their goals and their work.

WASH network

WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene. The members of the network – around 20 German non-governmental organisations – are keen to highlight the importance of these issues. To this end, they launch campaigns in various cities around Germany on World Water Day and World Toilet Day each year.

Right 2 Water

A European action group, Right 2 Water demands access to water and basic sanitation for everyone.  In addition, it wants to prevent water becoming the object of business interests and financial speculation. Its members are calling for the European Union to make an even greater commitment to achieving these goals.

Goal 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

It is estimated that the drinking water used by more than 1.8 billion people is contaminated by pathogens. One third of all people around the world have no access to clean toilets and are forced to make do with buckets and unhygienic latrines, or else to relieve themselves in the open. The situation is further compounded by the fact that about three quarters of the wastewater we produce is discharged into rivers and oceans untreated. This is why the 2030 Agenda wants to ensure that everyone has access to clean water and sanitation and that water is managed in a sustainable manner.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Global Water Partnership

Germany is committed to the issue of water in numerous international initiatives, such as UN Water and the Global Water Partnership. The network supports individual states in their efforts to improve their water policy. It provides important knowledge and makes it clear that there is a close correlation between economic growth and a reliable supply of water.

Water Integrity Network

Many people do not have access to clean drinking water, and farmers in many regions of the world cannot irrigate their fields sufficiently. As if this were not bad enough, there is a great deal of corruption in the water industry, which makes supply even more difficult. The international Water Integrity Network is dedicated to improving transparency in the industry. Germany supports the organisation, whose offices are in Berlin.

Viva con Agua

FC Sankt Pauli is widely regarded as a somewhat unconventional but warm-hearted football club. This is something that the Hamburg club also demonstrates through its commitment to Viva con Agua. Established in 2006 after the club spent time at a training camp in Cuba, the initiative collects donations to fund water projects in Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nepal and Uganda.

Viva con Agua – What’s inside?

The article was originally published here and was republished with permission from Deutschland.de.

August 2017


31 July 2019

A very Informative article and innovative idea, am truly interested to my home village in kenya..thnx

Hamid Ahmad
5 September 2017

It is highly commendable on the part of Germany to get involved in a product which is required by each one of the living being on the planet Earth.Clean water is an issue getting more and more difficult with every passing day ,specially in developing world. I do feel like other foods there is enough water in the world for all of us but there is serious lack of water management in the world. Where there is seemingly scarcity, more water is wasted while where it is in plenty the wastage of water is almost nil. So, being the water management is the real issue. It can be divided into further work programs to resolve. Then these work program can be prioritized in terms of urgency, availability of managerial skills, ease of fixabilty, costs / funds. Germany is a leading country in its water concerns for the world and its efforts are highly welcome for the poor people of the world. As a DAAD Alumni I did participate in one of the Alumni seminar in India in this regard and contonuously I get information from the German network.

5 September 2017

Very inovative ideas. I'am also interested to implement such in Sahel zones where water scarcity is a real problem

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