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Interactive webdoc ‘Mumbai Madness – Traffic in a Megacity’

Hellish traffic, deafening noise and chaos – that is what Mumbai is notorious for. But what is it like to live and travel in a megacity? Follow a young commuter as she navigates her way to work in a rickshaw, train and taxi. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Millions of people struggle to make their way through Mumbai’s overcrowded streets – among them 24-year-old Bhawna. Deutsche Welle’s interactive web doc ‘Mumbai Madness’ shows her daily commute to work. Viewers have the option of diving into traffic themselves – if they dare!

Clattering engines, squeaking car-horns, Indian music booming from the radio – the noises of the streets of Mumbai pervade ‘Mumbai Madness’. This online report, a mixture of audio slideshow and video sequences, begins outside Bhawna’s apartment. The 24-year-old Indian woman has to cross the city every day to get to work. First, she hails a motor rickshaw, then she rides a train and finally takes a cab for the last part of her commute.

After each leg of her route, viewers have a choice: They can either follow Bhawna to the next means of transport, or they can watch an interview with another Mumbaiite. They might meet Karsan, who lives in a slum right next to the railway tracks. Or they could listen while Chief Constable Raghvendra Thakur talks about his daily attempts to regulate the flow of Mumbai’s chaotic traffic.

Bhawna has a very exhausting day, too. The streets are jammed, the trains overcrowded and her taxi is stuck in traffic for ages. This webdoc describes how stressful a journey through Mumbai really is. And it shows how much people depend on traffic, even though it is so harmful to them.  

This interactive report is part of ‘Global Ideas’, a multi-media project of Deutsche Welle which deals with the topic of climate change. Using web docs and background reports, ‘Global Ideas’ addresses worldwide problems and presents projects that campaign for climate protection.

Join Bhawna on her daily commute through Mumbai:


Author: Lena Kasper

This article was originally published on the website Grüner-Journalismus.de (in German only).

November 2015

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