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Digital collaboration

A revolution in the office?

Digital collaboration is finding its way into companies and organisations both large and small at a breath-taking pace and is changing the working routines of many professions. Digital tools can make communication and project planning easier – but will writing emails soon be a thing of the past? 

Olena Gushul: Making energy efficiency popular in Ukraine

Increasing energy efficiency is a topic that enjoys high priority in Ukraine. Practical information is thus crucial for citizens and professionals. After finishing her studies in Germany DAAD alumna Olena Gushul today contributes to overall awareness raising on environmental concerns and energy efficiency issues. 


The future of work

How does the future of work look like? Will technologies and digitalization lead to unemployment or will it relieve us by providing us more time for “better” activities? Our infographics shows interesting facts and figures about the future of work.

Essay employment

New ways to tackle the global jobs crisis

Work is the best way to reduce poverty – yet more than one billion people have no job or are underemployed. In the fight against rising unemployment, new approaches and policy ideas are needed, explains David Robalino, a labour market expert at the World Bank.