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Dado Diop, Bamako, Mali

Name: Dado Diop

Lives in: Bamako, Mali

Period in Germany:1995-2001 as a ‘freemover’ and on a DSE scholarship

Research facility: University of Tübingen

Job: Doctor, diabetologist

In Germany I first went to German classes for six months to improve my language skills. Then I started my career, working initially as an intern and then as a guest doctor in the department of internal medicine at the Bürgerhospital in Stuttgart. My German patients accepted and trusted me. In spite of the colour of my skin I had no problems working as a doctor.

"Apart from the weather, I had only good experiences in Germany"

I find the Germans to be honest. They say what they think, and are not hypocritical. I noticed that and I liked it a lot. The Germans also work hard and in Germany I learned to love my work. What I didn’t like was the cold, but apart from the weather, I had only good experiences in Germany.

I noticed that in Germany people tend to live alone or in small families. In Mali often everyone lives together under one roof. We always have time, but in Germany people are always in a hurry.

"Together with other doctors we do pioneering work here"

My stay in Germany did a lot to advance my career. I was able to work independently and set my own goals. When I returned to Mali in 2001, I opened my own practice. I specialised in diabetes and became one of the first diabetologists in my country. Together with other doctors we do pioneering work here and I have been able to give many patients help and hope.

Up to now my work has been going extremely well. That means I am very happy with my training because I can use it to help many people. The patients trust me and are very satisfied, and that makes me very proud.

"I think international exchange is very important"

I am now planning to acquire modern equipment for my practice and to get organised with colleagues and to network, so that we become more effective and can help more and more people in the region.  I would also like to have a lot more professional training and would like to train and advise the upcoming generation here.

I think international exchange is very important. For example, I have maintained strong ties with former colleagues in Germany. I would also like to return to Germany one day in order to refresh my knowledge and get more training, because medicine is always moving forward. Here in Mali there are hardly any options for professional development in my field. In terms of medicine, Germany is simply very advanced at international level.

August 2012


Toyin Oshaniwa
21 August 2012

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