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Patricia Cabero Tapia, La Paz, Bolivia

Name: Patricia Cabero Tapia
Lives in: Bolivia
Period in Germany: 2003-2006 on a DAAD scholarship
Educational institutions: FH Brandenburg und TU Cottbus
Job: Project Manager at a software company

In Germany I completed the joint master studies program Technology & Innovation Management at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University Cottbus. My stay in Germany was extremely positive for my life. It has changed my vision and has opened new perspectives for my life.

“Sometimes the German precision was difficult for me”

The life rhythm in Germany is different compared to my home country. At the beginning of my return to Bolivia it was difficult for me. I saw my well-known world with other eyes. For me everything seemed to be slow and that not everybody could understand my impressions. In Germany sometimes the German precision was difficult to me. At the same time I like the “German Word”. When a German says: “Yes, I will do it”, you can be hundred per cent sure this will happen. In Bolivia people can say, “Yes, I will do it”, but they won’t. Maybe there is more chaos in our life, nevertheless, things work well. Apart from what I took with me from Germany was a love for the German bread and chocolates.

Back in La Paz

Next to my work as Project Manager at a US-American software company called TierConnect Inc. whichengineer arm is located in La Paz, my academic, professional, and personal experiences have motivated me in 2010 to co-found the iFARO Foundation. iFARO has been created with the aim to foster an innovation environment for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Bolivia. In order to share my experiences with young people, in 2012 I started teaching the lecture “Technology and Innovation” at the San Pablo University of Bolivia.

Patricia Cabero Tapia on the Alumniportal Deutschland

Via the Alumniportal Deutschland, I have a lot of contact with German Alumni associations in Bolivia and with many Alumni. I am also member of AABA (La Asociación de Amistad Boliviano Alemana), which manages the Returning Experts Programme by the Centre for International Migration (CIM) in Bolivia.

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May 2013

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