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Oraib Nawash, Amman, Jordan

Name: Oraib Nawash
Lives in: Jordan
Period in Germany: 2002-2008 on a DAAD scholarship
Research institute: University Hohenheim, Stuttgart
Job: Research Manager at Royal Botanic Garden, Jordan

In Germany I have carried out my PhD studies in the field of plant ecology at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. The study (2002-2006) was about the desert vegetation of Wadi Rum and Wadi Araba deserts in Jordan. Before it started I took a six months German language course at the Goethe-Institute Mannheim.

“I have met many people from different countries from the world, a chance that I did not have before”

My stay in Germany affected my life in many aspects.  From a scientific point of view, it added a lot to my scientific background: Proposal writing, eco-statistical analysis, and patience in performing research. Socially, I have met many people from different countries from the world, a chance that I did not have before.  I am still in good contact with friends, colleagues and the Returning Experts Programme by the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) in Frankfurt.

“I got good insights into this environmental friendly lifestyle”

I experienced the daily life in Germany, an European country, and saw well organized systems in all fields of transportation, governance, etc.  I also got a good insight into this environmental friendly lifestyle that I also tried to live up to whenever possible. All of these made me think in a new way towards environment.

About Germany I also like how they educate their kids, take care of their hobbies and their patience on them! Also, how they are helpful when there is a need for that, how they are loyal to their surroundings and environment and how they enjoy nature. Frankly, something that I always miss and feel happy about when I remember, is how I used to walk in the streets on a summer or autumn evening and heard the piano playing from those nice houses. So this is the harmony between people and their surroundings

Oraib Nawash on the Alumniportal Deutschland

The Alumniportal offers a platform for Alumni members in work places and collaborative research institutions and businesses. I am now the president of the Jordanian association for German alumni, we are about 250 members. We meet frequently and we share a lot of information or circulate them via email. This contains calls for research proposals and job opportunities in Jordan and further; or discussions on important issues like environment as it knows no borders.

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January 2013


Fieras Alfawaire
16 January 2013

Very good article for Dr Oraib and all Germany alumni. I have also studied in Muenster-Germany and I am now in Jordan and maybe I can to come to the association of Germany Alumni in Jordan.
Email> alfauorii@yahoo.de

Dr Ahmad Almomany
16 January 2013

good luck Dr oraib

16 January 2013

I had the chance to meet Oraib in many of the Returning Experts Program's events, and it was a great pleasure to hear about her great and wide experience. Oraib is such a positive person that inspires and motivates you to give the best of you. I wish you Oraib all the best always.

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