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Zoscer Hanna, Alexandria, Egypt

Name: Zoscer R. T. Hanna
Lives in: Alexandria, Egypt
Period in Germany: June/July 2011
Research institution: University of Bremen
Job: Scientist

At the University of Bremen, I received a shortened training course in experimental cancer therapy from Prof. Dr. Detlef Gabel. In the future, I would like to specialise in liver cancer. Many Egyptians suffering from hepatitis C also have this particular type of cancer. Innovative techniques and treatments can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment.

My time in Germany was short but strongly influenced my life because my awareness of responsibility and the importance of planning the future increased. I was also able to enjoy touristic activities. Bremen is a beautiful city with unique landscapes, interesting old buildings and museums.

'Punctuality and a sense of responsibility govern everyday working life in Germany'

Teamwork and perseverance are the aspects that most strongly influenced my everyday work life. I can share these newly acquired capabilities with my colleagues at home. Thanks to my training at the University of Bremen, I was able to participate in an international Masters programme afterwards and further deepen my knowledge. Punctuality and a sense of responsibility govern everyday working life in Germany. This is the only way it is possible for a company to work productively and reliably. Germans are friendly and proud people. They also read a lot. I've started to read more, too. My colleagues always had book recommendations for me. This way, I learned to sometimes take time for myself, too.

'The ethnic diversity of the university community enriched my social experiences'

The most modern technologies and equipment are standard at German universities. At the University of Bremen, I had the chance to learn various modern experimental cancer therapy techniques. Especially the employees' helpful attitude made it possible for me to overcome challenges and deepen my new knowledge.

The ethnic diversity of the university community enriched my social experiences and enabled me to have a new perspective on an open society. I share news regularly with my colleagues at the University of Bremen in Germany. I also still have contact with the professor who instructed me.

'The Alumniportal Deutschland is a place to meet people'

I want to deepen my knowledge of the German culture, but most of all of experimental cancer therapies. This is why I am on the lookout for scholarships and training programmes but also jobs that can bring me closer to my goal. The Alumniportal Deutschland is a good platform for me to meet people and to learn from these encounters.

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April 2014


Puneet Nangia
31 May 2014

I second your thoughts on German punctuality, Zoscer. I cannot even imagine anything better. The respect that Germans have for (each others' and their own) time is commendable!
Your mention of the habit of reading has only motivated me more to get to it now -- something that has been on my list for now -- just that I haven't been able to find the time for it. But you are right -- this is something that one needs to do to also take out time for oneself.

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