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Jirí Gono, Prague, Czech Republic

Name: Jirí Gono
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Period in Germany: 1992-1993 on a DAAD scholarship
Educational institution: Pforzheim University
Job: Senior Manager New Media

I studied international marketing at Pforzheim University for two semesters, from May 1992 to October 1993. My stay in Germany has had a profound influence on my life. I have not only improved my German and my technical knowledge, but I have also become more self-confident. In addition, I have been able to travel and have made many new friends.

I benefited from my experience after I returned to the Czech Republic and went looking for a job. I have been working in the marketing department at building supplies store OBI for more than 10 years. At first I was Media Manager and now I’m Senior Manager New Media. My aim is to keep going as long as possible in the ‘green area’ (as the Swabians say) in all my activities.

"The Germans behave better towards others"

I like the Germans for their reliability and hospitality. I also appreciate the cleanliness and functioning democratic structures. The Germans behave better towards others, for example in the service sector, on the roads and in politics.

In the Czech Republic, official communication in some areas of work is probably less strict – and this has both advantages and disadvantages. But in my opinion there aren’t any great differences between German and Czech universities.

Today I am still in touch with people in Germany because I made some lasting personal friendships.

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August 2012


Shirish Shinde
6 August 2013

Guten Tag Jiri, I got interested in your profile as I learnt that you are trained in New Media. Being a journalist and having the background in German language are the common areas of our interest.

I would like to interact further if you feel so.

Vielen Dank! Mit herzlichen Gruessen!


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