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Mirko Mantilla, La Paz, Bolivia

Name: Mirko Mantilla

Lives in: La Paz, Bolivia

Period in Germany: 2006-2007 on a DAAD scholarship

Educational institute: University Medical Center Freiburg

Job: Neurosurgeon

During my time in Germany I studied, worked in a hospital and completed my training in neurosurgery. This taught me a great deal about new technologies and treatment methods, so now I am a chief physician in the Arco Iris Hospital in La Paz and the only doctor for functional neurosurgery in Bolivia.

"One disadvantage in Germany was the high prices"

What I particularly liked about Germany was the education that people have, and German orderliness and technology. I especially enjoyed football there, and even got the chance to experience the World Cup.One disadvantage in Germany was the high prices.

Family and friendships – especially at work – are less important in Germany than they are in Bolivia. In my home country it is more important that you know the people you work with very well, whereas in Germany productivity and success are more important.

"International exchange has expanded my medical horizon"

German universities have more advanced technological equipment and infrastructure than universities in Bolivia, and have better libraries, too. International exchange has expanded my medical horizon. I now know how far medicine has progressed. For example, I already know the latest medicines and medical instruments that I would like to import into Bolivia in the near future.

Even today I am in frequent touch with former colleagues in Germany, the chief physician and my former flat mates. We discuss a lot of things. I would like to return to Germany later to maintain my contacts and obtain new medical devices to bring back to Bolivia.

Mirko Mantilla on the Alumniportal Deutschland

I would very much like to have contact with other Germany Alumni, in order to keep my language skills up and to exchange experiences.

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August 2012

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