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Quang Khai Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Name: Quang Khai Nguyen
Lives in: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Period in Germany: April until November 2013
Educational institution: Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg
Job: Environmental engineer

The course on ‘International Leadership Training (ILT) – TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs’ by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) was tailored precisely to fit my needs as an environmental engineer. So I applied and was selected. As a result, I first set foot in Germany in 2013. Since returning home, I’ve been working on a GIZ project designed to reform TVET in Vietnam, specifically, on component 4: Wastewater and Vocational Training.

There are some big differences between Germany and my home country. The two countries differ not only in terms of their geographical location, but also with regard to their historical development and political institutions. The fact that Vietnam is a developing country already says a great deal about the differences between the two countries. And this makes it difficult to make a direct comparison. Vietnam will need a great many years before it reaches Germany’s current level of development.

‘My stay in Germany has improved my knowledge and my quality of life’

During this time, my interactions with the 18 other programme participants and the supervisors really made an impression on me. I would love to see them all again. I also miss the cities of Magdeburg, Weimar and Jena, which I visited. Weimar especially is really beautiful and I can only urge you all to visit this city.

Although I had one month of German-language instruction, I’m sad to say I can’t actually speak any German. It would also have been great to live in a German family in order to learn more about German culture. And a part-time job in Germany would have been a brilliant way to find out more about Germany's working culture. Sadly though, this wasn’t possible.

I‘m really pleased that I can use a lot of the knowledge I acquired in Germany in my work as an environmental engineer in Vietnam today. I also found the time very enriching from a personal point of view, too. I liked Germany so much that I’d really like to live there with my wife and children.

‘My plans for the future are to bring the GIZ project to a successful conclusion and to do my doctoral thesis’

I am in close contact with other Deutschland Alumni. Together with my friend Soni Fahruri, I took part in the Alumniportal competition offering participants a chance to win a trip to Germany. I met Soni at the GIZ International Leadership Training course in Germany. We are amongst the lucky winners and will meet up again in Germany in October 2014.

I’d like to tell other Deutschland Alumni that it can sometimes be difficult to return home after being in Germany. But if they work hard and apply the knowledge they have learned in Germany, they will definitely succeed.




October 2014

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