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Agustin Miranda on Germany and Argentina:

"In Germany, social relationships are really different to those in my country. At home, you don’t usually need a fixed appointment to visit your friends. We don’t plan our lives to the same extent as the Germans."

Current place of residence: Cordoba, Argentina

Country of origin: Argentina

Stay in Germany: April to May 2011 in Hanover and Karlsruhe, and April to May 2008 in Hanover

Education and research institution in Germany: GIZ, GTZ, InWent

Occupation: Architect

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July 2013


Dr. Sapna Jarial
25 July 2013

This is a great initiative for we will be able to know who is doing what and how effectively we can collaborate as individuals and as well as organisations. This initiative is definitely going to make this a vibrant platform. I congratulate for the Alumniportal Deutschland team for their result-oriented great work, creativity and hard work

Sapna Jarial
25 July 2013

I agree with Teresita, this is a great initiative for effective collaboration. As it is going to make this portal vibrant and look forward for more such Alumni profiles.

Teresita T. Tumapon
24 July 2013

Writing about an alumna or alumnus is a great incentive for us to stay connected. Why, because vry person feels good if he/she knows he is valued. That is human nature --- not mere ego.
What amazes me really is how the editor and the staff can keep innovating to keep readers glued to every issue of the portal.. I wish I had more time to indulge with each issue. Every issue brings a variety of information -- very helpful indeed to everyone regardless of field of interest.

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