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Anne Samba on her first impression of Germany:

‘I thought to myself: Wow, it must be so nice to live in a developed country! Everything you want is available at your convenience: beautifully fresh air, an excellent transport system, and how do they manage to keep the streets so clean? But of course, I later learned that even Germany has challenges of its own.’

Lives in: Nairobi, Kenya
Country of origin: Kenya
Period in Germany: August and September 2013, December 2015 to February 2016
Educational institutions: University of Bayreuth (language course), Fulda University of Applied Sciences (course in International Management in an Intercultural Environment)
Occupation: Junior Communications Expert and Alumni Liaison Officer for GIZ in Kenya

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April 2016


19 April 2016

Hi Anne,
I am from Macvedonia. A small country in South Eastern Europe. Yes, Corruption is a great problem. We have it here too. In fact Macedonia is going through a great political crisis.

19 April 2016

Hi there :) where are you from? Yes, I agree with you on the role of Germany in international develoment. Personally, I think corruption is our biggest Problem in kenya, if not for that we would far...

Best, Anne

19 April 2016

Hi, Anne,
It is very nice to live in a developed country. But one must know that that hasen't come by itself. That people have worked hard to get to such a level. It is good that Germany is very acitve in helping undeveloped countries, like yours and mine, too.

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