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Dr. Assem El Ammary talks about how his time in Germany influenced his life:

‘My success as a translator, interpreter and lecturer in Germany has had a decisive impact on my life and the future of my three children who continued to attend the German School in Cairo and grew up speaking four languages: German and Arabic as their mother tongues and English and French as foreign languages.’

Lives in: Cairo, Egypt
Country of origin: Egypt
Periods in Germany: October 1986 to January 1997 in Bonn, August 1999 in Frankfurt, July to September 2010 in Leipzig
Educational and research institutions: Employed at the University of Bonn where he also completed his doctoral thesis (Main subject: German Philology, Secondary subjects: General linguistics and translations, Islamic Studies, Study of Christian Orient and Semitistics). Further training at the Goethe-Institut in Frankfurt, visiting professorship and research at the University of Leipzig.
Occupation: University lecturer for German studies, translation, and Islamic studies and official EU translator and conference interpreter.

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January 2015

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