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Prof. Dr. Arafa A. Arafa

‘Germany is home to modern research institutes which, from a scientific standpoint, are state of the art. I'm able to get more work done per day than in Egypt, and can do so without problems or personal hindrances.’

Current place of residence: Mansoura, Egypt
Native country: Egypt
Country of origin: April 1979 to February 1982 in Göttingen, July and August 1987 in Göttingen, July and August 1993 in Berlin, July and August 1999 in Bielefeld, July and August 2004 in Hanover, July and August 2007 in Hanover, and October to December 2012 in Bonn
Education and research institution: Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agronomy (University of Göttingen), Institut für Gemüsebau of the TU Berlin (in Dahlem), Institute for Ecology (Bielefeld), Institute for Cell Biology (Hanover), Institute for Crop Science and Resource Conservation (Bonn)
Occupation: Professor of Economic Botany

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April 2014


Walber Pereira
20 May 2014

I think he is right at confirming this scientifically.But Germany is also home for the Poets and Writers of books.Like in my case.(Walber Pereira,Belém-Brazil/north).

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