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Suseelendra Desai on the difference between Germany and India:

‘Dedication and precision are major priorities in Germany. Irrespective of how important a job appears to be, the work is performed with the same sense of commitment – regardless of whether you are manufacturing small screws or building a space ship.’

Current place of residence: Hyderabad, India
Country of origin: India
Stays in Germany: December 1991 to February 1992 in Freiburg, March 1992 to June 1994 in Würzburg, July 1992 to July 1994 in Gießen, and May to July 2007 and October to December 2011 in Münster
Education and research institution: Institute for Biotechnology (University of Würzburg), Institute for Psychopathology (University of Gießen), Institute for Plant Biology and Biotechnology (University of Münster)
Occupation: Researcher

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May 2014


Puneet Nangia
22 May 2014

That's a brilliant message, Suseelendra! Germans are indeed known for their dedication, commitment and precision!

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