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Tanya Garkusha on how her stay in Germany changed her life:

‘My stay in Germany was a turning point in my life! Upon my return in the autumn of 2011 I decided to change my career plans and in the summer of 2014 I attained a second diploma in German-English translation.’

Lives in: Krywyj Rih, Ukraine
Country of origin: Ukraine
Periods in Germany: May 2010 to May 2011 and August to September 2013 in Cologne und Bonn
Educational institution: University of Cologne
Occupation: Foreign language teacher and translator

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February 2015


28 February 2015


I am very glad to know your web site. I pull my hat to the citizens germany for this is what I can tell on schools that give me a chance to take the language Germany. well on private schools for accelerated training.


S.M.Abdullah Al Mamun
27 February 2015

I am the headmaster of a Govt. High School in Bangladesh. I want to visit some high School inyour country. Would you please help me?

S.M.Abdullah Al Mamun
27 February 2015

will you be my friend?

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