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Access to Impact Investment for Social Enterprises: Free Online Course

VIVA Idea and the Social Finance Academy teamed up to develop an entire, free and actionable online course “Access to Impact Investment for Social Enterprises”.

A course that empowers social entrepreneurs worldwide to speak “social finance” and prepares for a successful access to impact investors.

Do you speak social finance?

Based on practical experiences and proven concepts from the field, the course is wrapped around a signature framework that explains - step by step – how the process from getting investment-ready via signing a financing contract to establishing good investor relations, avoiding mission drift and approaching the next financing (or responsible exit) will typically unfold in real life.

The course structure

The entire online course spans 8 weeks and follows a specific framework, covering the main challenges along the entire “lifecycle” of a social enterprise from a financing perspective – from defining the theory of change via securing investment until managing post-investment activities. A major focus of the course lies on raising social entrepreneurs’ confidence and ability to successfully attract investors.

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May 2017


michael onesimo
4 September 2017

Hi Alumni .

I am a social entrepreneur and interested to undertake the course or linked to entrepreneurs or social enterprise initiatives to exchange experience on the subject.

Michael Onesimo, founder

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