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ad hoc international, issue 15: Europe and its crises – Time to shift perspectives

In which direction is Europe evolving? There are different answers to this question linked to the instability that currently reigns Europe. The 15th edition of the magazine “ad hoc international”, the very first English version of the magazine, critically reflects on these crises and confronts its readers with views from outside of Europe: How do other countries perceive the situation?

Through a survey, analyses, interviews and comments it is asked: What does Europe stand for and how can the European idea be defended? What is the rest of the world thinking about this Europe, which seems to be in a constant state of crisis? In this issue, the editors of the magazine looked at the important role of the OSCE during the crisis in Eastern Ukraine, and talked to the former OSCE Special Representative Heidi Tagliavini.

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About ad hoc international

Ad hoc international is a magazine for international perspectives, published by nefia e.V. (Network for International Affairs), the alumni network of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs.

ad hoc international is created by volunteers from the network and aims at reaching all those who

  • are looking for orientation and incentives in international and political debates,
  • like to read personal stories from all over the world,
  • are interested in what people around the world think and need, and those
  • want to know how people live in different political systems all around the world.

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October 2016