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Call for Papers - EduWeek Africa conference 2018

Submit an abstract now for the EduWeek Africa 2018 conference / expo, to be held in Johannesburg 15-16 June 2018, which promises a uniquely pan-African perspective, as well as the most comprehensive platform to connect to all things education.

More information on the EduWeek Africa 2018 is available on this website.

In order to fulfil the content vision, the organization committee needs educators and industry experts to share their knowledge, wisdom and narratives for the purpose of enriching the experience of all attending stakeholders. In order to ensure the session content reflects a shared vision for this event and inspires maximum transformation within the industry, a focus on the following core sub-themes would be useful:

  • EduWeek 2018 will see a continuation of the theme focus of education for sustainable development to support the vital link between education and Africa’s ability to reach sustainable development objectives.
  • Heightening the quality of the education resources and delivery will constitute an integral part of EduWeek 2018. Improving access to resources, employing principles of best practice, implementing sound governance and leadership structures, together with effectively establishing KPIs and measuring progress will encourage continuous improvement and foster a culture of discipline, transparency and accountability.
  • Supporting innovation, together with the implementation of collaborative platforms; will lesson communication silos within the sector, encourage more effective use of resources, support creative problem solving  and result in a more inclusive adoption of functional technology. The ed-tech solutions included in EduWeek 2018 will be a balance of latest, exciting technologies and innovative solutions designed by locals to address the unique challenges within the African educational context. Conference content will therefore encourage the adoption of global competencies and skills tailored to stimulate entrepreneurial activity critical thinking.

The above mentioned core themes will be included throughout and will be firmly grounded in principles of inclusion and accessibility.

Topics of interest include:

(The following topics can be applied within the early childhood, basic education or tertiary and vocational context)

  • Increasing access to nutrition, health care (immunization) to improve young children’s ability to learn
  • National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy & draft national implementation plan
  • Improving cognitive skills & literacy
  • STEAM & maximising arts within the curriculum
  • Role of governing bodies in light of Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (admission policy, language policy, Staff appointments)
  • Improving the quality of education – better use of funds and resources
  • Dealing with sexual assault in the classroom
  • Improving access to quality schools for children with disabilities
  • Blended learning
  • Progressive pedagogy
  • Continuous professional development for teachers
  • Combatting cyber threats
  • Use of virtual/ augmented reality tools in the classroom
  • Moving from content mastery to a participative approach
  • Freeing higher education
  • Trends in higher education: technology, online courses, MOOCS & distance learning
  • Ensuring industry ready students
  • Navigating the National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Improve governance at Universities & TVET’s
  • Mitigating the impact of decreased tertiary funding
  • Finance management best practice – fee increases, planning cycles & unilateralism
  • Restructuring bursaries to perpetuate inclusion
  • Mapping the future public-private landscapeImproving / building sustainable infrastructure

No matter your topic of choice, an emphasis on the principle of improving inclusion and accessibility is encouraged.

Please complete the form (available online) in full and email to:

         or        Pamela.Largue[at]spintelligent.com

(Kindly note, only completed applications will be reviewed.)

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