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“Partnerships 2030” – New Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships sought!

Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are collaborations between equal partners from different sectors (state, the private sector, civil society and science/academia) who jointly work towards achieving one common goal. The platform “Partnerships 2030“ fosters multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development by catalyzing new and supporting existing MSPs. It also seeks to engage with other platforms that support such MSPs.

To do so, your assistance in identifying

1) MSPs around the world and
2) platforms that support MSPs

is required!

MSPs form to tackle problems that have before been too complex for a single sector to handle. A key characteristic in identifying an MSP is that at least three sectors are represented in the partnership and that all actors have access to decision-making processes. 

For whom is this interesting?

Existing MSPs, but also projects which are looking to transform into MSPs in the future, are addressed. “Partnerships 2030” can support MSPs by providing tailor-made solutions, convening MSPs for learning exchange, featuring MSP stories and experiences on the “Partnerships 2030” website and providing information on the newest trends in the partnering world.

“Partnerships 2030” also seeks to identify existing MSP support platforms in Germany’s partner countries. These can range from a loose network of MSPs who share knowledge amongst themselves to a formalized organization, which provides funding, brokering, etc. for partnerships. They can focus on activities at the national and/or regional level. “Partnerships 2030” can engage in knowledge sharing with these platforms around the world and/or co-conceive capacity development strategies for such platforms.


If you have information regarding MSPs or support platforms for MSPs, please contact: Bernd Lakemeier,  Partnerships 2030 – The Platform for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

E-Mail: Bernd.Lakemeier(at)giz.de
Website: www.partnerships2030.de


Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion
15 May 2017

Dear Celso C. Manangan,

thank you very much for your comment. We have forwarded it to the Partnerships 2030 Secretariat. They will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Kind regards,
Alumniportal Deutschland – Redaktion

Celso C. Manangan
15 May 2017

Thank you for posting my comments. We will be glad to communicate with you and your Team.

Kind regards,

Celso C. Manangan
Project Director/Focal Point
International Specialist Centre of Excellence for PPP in Health - Philippines
(affiliated to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, Switzerland)
Manila, Philippines

Mobile No. +632-9773507621

Celso C. Manangan
13 May 2017

We have introduced MSPs in order to address "Organizational Strengthening" in Public Agencies particularly in public hospitals in the Philippines. Results are encouraging.

The initiative was presented in the International Forum for People-first Public Private Partnership (PPP) sponsored by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Geneva, Switzerland.

We will be glad to share the initiative.

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