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Freedom is our system. Together for science

"Arts and sciences, research and teaching shall be free. ," says Article 5 of the German Basic Law, which came into force 70 years ago. German science takes the anniversary as an opportunity to debate the opportunities, responsibilities and threats to this freedom.

The campaign "Freedom is our system. Together for the Science" is an initiative of the Alliance of Science Organisations to promote the independent functioning of research and teaching in a series of events, speeches, debates, and opinions, critically examining one's own system, and addressing global threats to science To demand freedom of scholarship.

The Allianz campaign, initiated by the Max Planck Society, is a sign of the freedom in research and teaching against restrictions and influences that are gaining ground in many places. It ends in a prominently attended closing event on September 26, 2019 at the Futurium in Berlin. Here, the importance of education and science for an open, changing society is to be addressed again.

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March 2019