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Free subscription of the print magazine D+C Development and Cooperation

D+C Development and Cooperation is an independ forum that discusses international-development affairs and explores how they relate to other fields of policy-making, such as security, peace, trade, business and environmental protection. The website shares the name D+C with a print magazine, which is published every two months, and a monthly e-paper.

Checking the website www.dandc.eu will give you a good idea of the content and topics discussed. If it inspires you to contribute something yourself, please get in touch with the editorial team. D+C Development and Cooperation does run contributions by alumni and alumnae of German universities. Excellent examples are:

Anyone with a serious interest in development studies can sign now up for a free subscription at: 

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D+C Development and Cooperation is funded by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development with a mission to facilitate controversial debate at an international level. The German government makes free subscriptions available to relevant institutions and individuals because D+C Development and Cooperation serves an educational purpose.

November 2019