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Issue #19 of Digital Development Debates is all about “hope”

This summer the news has been full of negative headlines, terrible tales of conflict and terrorist attacks in various parts of the globe. It sometimes seems like the world has become a dark place. Articles tend to focus on the perpetrators and why they have lost hope.

Overshadowed by these conflicts, the media often forgets to report on positive initiatives and their impact. For this issue Digital Development Debates looked for those people who had not given up in the face of defeat or injustice – DDD issue #19 focuses on “hope”.

The editors asked themselves “what do people hope for?” and came up with five chapters:

Peace, Health, Money, Love, and Joy

These chapters deal with…

… children in conflict zones,
… technology advancing women’s health,
… new forms of payment shaping societies,
… the LGBT movement’s ongoing struggle for recognition
….and, last but not least, brave individuals striving for reconciliation in conflict zones.

To start with, you can read contributions by…

…“Alternative Nobel Prize” laureate Kasha Nabagesera,
…Ugandandian journalist Esther Nakazzi,
Leon Schreiber, Senior Research Specialist at Princeton University,
…journalist and book author Michael Gleich,
…writer and correspondent for Safe for Women Elizabeth Norman,
….followed by many more in the weeks to come.

Digital Development Debates: issue #19 about “hope”

Photo: “Mobile streets, Kampala, Uganda” by Butterfly Works, 2011 – licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

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