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Documentary “The Price of Fairness”

On 29 June 2017, “The Price of Fairness” premieres in German theatres.

Why do we accept huge levels of inequality and social injustice? This is one of the central questions that "The Price of Fairness" sets out to answer, beginning with a surprising set of social experiments in Norway, which suggest that our willingness to support systems of inequality is far greater than we are often prepared to admit.

In Atlanta, we take a different look at fairness, from the perspective of a group of capuchin monkeys. Behavioural scientist Sarah Bronson’s work with the monkeys questions the idea that we have an evolutionary tendency towards selfish behaviour. Could it be that the outrage we feel towards systems of inequality have roots in our human need for cooperation? We visit Costa Rica and Iceland to see how whole economies have been engineered to function with greater ‘fairness’, and the US where systematic racial injustices have tested many of their citizens hopes for a fairer justice system. From the caste-biased villages of India to the race-sensitive streets of Ferguson, Missouri, this documentary explores our understanding of fairness and what it takes to change an unfair system.

Touching on issues of economic, political, racial and gender inequality, this film offers a thought-provoking and timely look at what fairness really means to us.

Bio Director – Alex Gabbay
An award winning director and DOP (14 international awards) who has directed and produced documentaries throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe for broadcasters BBC, Al Jazeera, BBC World, Canal+, Arte and ZDF.

Alex Gabbay lived in Asia for many years and travelled throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East filming personal stories of people challenged by development. 8 years ago he began a series of investigative documentaries on broader aspects of the human condition, including Just Trial And Error, a film exploring consciousness, and Love Hate and Everything In Between, on the science of empathy. His most recent film is The Price of Fairness, which questions why we accept huge levels of inequality and social injustice?

Director’s statement

“Each film originates from a personal question. In the case of The Price of Fairness, I wanted to explore the question of whether human beings are fair by nature or whether this quality is the product of our social conditioning.  And of course if it is a case of social conditioning why are we prepared to accept such obscene levels of inequality and social injustice? Whilst I had witnessed much unfairness working and living abroad, I was dismayed to see our own social welfare systems being dismantled amidst increasing inequality when I returned to the UK. The result is a documentary, which explores our understanding of fairness and what it takes to change an unfair system” (Alex Gabbay)

Screening dates in German theatres


Original title: The Price of Fairness
Country/ Year of Production: UK 2017
Director: Alex Gabbay
Language: English
Subtitles: German
Time: 1h 16min
Initial release: 29 June 2017 (in Germany)

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