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“No limits” event 2017 for heart-centred entrepreneurship in Europe

The “No Limits” event in Brussels on 26 and 17 March 2017 invites small entrepeneurs, who are working in more heart-centered, holistic ways, to participate in bringing together business owners from across Europe and beyond.

The event focuses on scaling your business, reaching more people and having a bigger impact on the world. Workshops will be hosted by experts in brand development, sales, marketing and mindset.

This year, “No Limits” is taking place from 24th till 26th March, and tickets can be bought online.

The entrepreneurial scene for non-traditional businesses is dominated by communities and events in the UK, the US, and Australia - there’s not much happening in mainland Europe. The founders of “No limits”, Joanna Hennon and Karina Ladet, felt a need to change this and to start a community for the growing number of entrepreneurs living on the European continent. To connect the many talented people providing amazing and unique services both in person and online led to the initiation of the “No Limits” event, which took place first in 2016 in Brussels.

March 2017