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World Cleanup Day 2018

Engage the whole world from Japan to Hawaii for one big World Cleanup Day on 8 September 2018, to collect the trash lying around in the nature.

It is an ambitious goal, but having seen the model work around the world, nothing is impossible. However, the most important question is yet to be answered! Once millions of tons of waste is collected, how will it be treated? And even more important: what is further needed, in order for there to be sensible waste management practices everywhere in the world, sufficient infrastructure, relevant laws and efficient implementation of the laws, in order to keep the planet clean? Hand in hand with preparing for 8 September 2018, people and partners are needed, using existing know-how and seeking for more, to create a Clean World plan. Everybody can help, are you on board?

Let’s Do It! World is a civic-led mass movement that began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people united together to clean up the entire country (10,000 tonnes of waste) in just five hours. Since then, with the help of volunteers, the model—one country in one day— spread around the world. To date, 112 countries and 14,5 million people have joined and cleaned up more than 500,000 tonnes of illegal waste.

Learn more on the website of the project.


Kadi Kenk
Head of Partnerships
Let`s Do It! World Cleanup
E-mail: kadi[at]letsdoitworld.org
Phone: +372 583 294 72
Skype: kadi_k