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Apply now: Young Global Changers scholarship programme

Become part of the Young Global Changers community and receive a full scholarship to participate in the next Global Solutions Summit and summer school from 16 - 20 March 2019 in Berlin.


The Global Solutions Summit is an annual gathering of international research organizations, thought leaders and high-level decision makers form politics, business and civil communities. The summit aims to provide implementable recommendations to address the major G20 issues.

The 2019 Global Solutions Summit will focus on the priorities of the Japanese G20-Presidency, including policy recommendations on sustainable development, infrastructure finance, financial architecture, trade and investment, climate change, future of work and education, social cohesion and the future of politics, SME policy, policies for ageing populations, and more. All discussions will be linked to the overarching narrative of recoupling economic, environmental and social progress and to the central question of how to achieve fundamental global paradigm change.

Young Global Changers 2019 - Summer School

The Global Solutions Initiative is committed to involving the views and ideas of the next generation into global problem-solving. That is why the initiative is inviting promising young talents form around the world to apply for this years' Young Global Changers scholarship programme.

Successful applicants will gain free admission to the 2019 Global Solutions Summit and participate in an intensive three-day summer school. As part of the summer school they will engage in lectures, workshops and discussions with experienced people from academia, journalism, business, politics, and civil society. At the summit the Young Global Changers will be able to attend talks and discussions and will intensively engage with the content and ideas that are being discussed. Under the guidance of experienced journalists they will communicate the outcomes and stories of the 2019 Global Solutions Summit to the world.

Who can apply?

 The Young Global Changers scholarship programme is open for students, academics and young professionals with first class results in their academic discipline who are engaged in society - in social, political or environmental activities. Writing skills and experience in journalism, media production and/or blogging are an asset. Excellent English skills are required.

The application deadline is 20 January 2019.

Further information:

January 2019


Bettina Onyango
18 January 2019

Dear Eva Wulandari,
Kindly contact the organizer of the scholarship programme and write an email to scholarships@mail.global-solutions.international to find out more about eligibility criteria with special regard to age restrictions.
Kind regards!

Eva Wulandari
18 January 2019

Dear Bettina,
I am interested to participate in the program. If I may ask, there any age requirement?
Thank you

Bettina Onyango
17 January 2019

Dear Kiran Jawaid,
If you want to get in touch with with fellow Germany-Alumni we suggest to join the Alumniportal Deutschland community and register as a member. Once you have logged in you may search the member directory to find like-minded alumni. In addition to that, we propose to join groups according to your regional and or thematic interests and connect with group members.
Look forward to meeting you on the Alumniportal Deutschland!
Kind regards.

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