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Apply now: Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship

TUM-IAS awards Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships to distinguished researchers and gives them the necessary time and financial support to develop novel research areas and to establish intensive international collaborations. Applications are invited from all areas of the TUM research portfolio.

Target Group
Outstanding  international scientists who intend to explore innovative, high-risk topics in their scientific research areas together with a TUM Research Group are eligible for a TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship.

Objective & Funding
The Fellowships last 3 years with the expectation that the Fellow will spent a total of at least 9 months at TUM.
Hans Fischer Fellows receive an award of €60,000 plus €50,000 for travel, housing and research related costs, such as the organization of workshops etc. A further €50,000 can be allocated to the Fellowship e.g. for projects with special experimental needs. For Fellows with family responsibilities, the TUM-IAS offers flexible funding (for example for childcare/school fees) and various other kinds of provisions.

Doctoral candidate
Hans Fischer Fellows receive support for one doctoral candidate at TUM, who will be co-advised by the TUM Host professor and the Hans Fischer Senior Fellow. Hans Fischer Senior Fellows have the right to award doctorates (Promotionsrecht). The doctoral candidate is encouraged to spend a significant part of his/her studies abroad at the home institute of the TUM-IAS Fellow. The doctoral work should be performed mainly during the Fellowship time.

Regional Fellows (Africa/Latin America)
To foster regional diversity, the TUM-IAS will award up to 2 of the Hans Fischer and/or Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships to a candidate from a home institution in Africa and/or Latin America. Candidates for this Fellowship will undergo a separate evaluation, taking into account local evaluation factors.

Siemens Hans Fischer Fellows:
TUM-IAS invites nominations for Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships that focus on the research fields of Simulation and Digital Twin and the Future of Autonomous Systems/Robotics. Up to 2 Fellowships can be awarded in the course of this call.

Tandem nomination
Applications for Hans Fischer and Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships (including the Siemens Fellows, not including the Regional Fellows) require a tandem application, i.e. each prospective host must nominate two potential Fellows, one of which must be a female scientist.

Application process & Deadline
The Deans of TUM Faculties, all further members of the “Erweitertes Hochschulpräsidium (EHP)” as well as members of the TUM-IAS Board of Trustees can directly nominate candidates for TUM-IAS Fellowships. The nominee and the planned TUM-IAS Host should submit a joint proposal.

This year’s call for proposals is now open, applications are to be submitted until October 24, 2018. Please send nominations directly to the TUM-IAS office via email. Decisions will be mailed within six months.

Find here the list of all application documents and further information

More information on TUM-IAS and the Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship is available on the TUM-IAS homepage

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