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Apply now: CrossCulture Programme 2019

With its CrossCulture Programme (CCP), the ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) is advocating intercultural exchange and the strengthening of networks between Germany and Islamic world as a partner of the Federal Foreign Office.

Young professionals and committed volunteers are afforded the opportunity to gather professional expertise and intercultural experience through a professional fellowship in Germany. In the course of the programme, fellowship holders from abroad complete an eight to twelve week fellowship at an organisation in Germany. The participation in the CrossCulture Programme provides fellowship holders with the opportunity to establish personal and professional contacts and to familiarise themselves with the cultural specificities and work environment in Germany. Moreover, the CrossCulture Programme offers a platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange among fellows from different countries and regions. Fellowship holders are also invited to share their experiences with their professional networks and/or community in their home country in order to promote the building and maintenance of intercultural relations and cross-national networks.

Who can apply?
The CrossCulture Programme is designed for people between 23 and 45 who are committed to improving society through their work in relevant organisations.

Deadline for applications is 21 December 2018.

For further information on both the programme in general and the application requirements please check the CCP website at http://www.crosscultureprogramm.de. 


Munira Zaylobidinova
14 November 2019

Dear CCP,

I would like to inquire about an interview process, my application was successful but unfortunately, I could not get through the interview at the embassy. As this programme is very important to me could you be kind to list what qualities of the candidate would be taken into account during the interview?

Nurzada Omurkulova
15 June 2019


Bettina Onyango
19 March 2019

Dear Annum Shazadi,
As the Alumniportal Deutschland is not the organizer of the programme we are not familiar with the selection criteria. If you would like to now more about the organizer's decision, we would suggest to contact them again.
Kind regards!

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