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Nominate now: Global Goals Awards 2017

This year, in partnership with Project Everyone and the Gates Foundation, UNICEF will curate four awards. Activists or campaign groups who have had demonstrable positive impact and who inspire others to accelerate progress towards the SDGs can be awarded.

  1. Innovation award
    The honouree will be an exceptional leader with an extraordinary story about how her/his efforts in business are contributing to economic growth whilst also having positive social impact. S/he will be an innovative entrepreneur. Business as usual will not create the change required to achieve the Global Goals. Nominees who are promoting education nationally or internationally are encouraged to apply.

  2. Healthy Not Hungry award
    The honouree will be an inspirational leader and/or group with an incredible story whose efforts in tackling chronic malnutrition issues affecting children and mothers are changing lives in her/his community, or country. Accelerating progress on SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) relies on working in the hardest to reach communities to provide both lifesaving assistance and investments that contribute to a more healthy, peaceful and prosperous future. Nominees who have helped improve the nutritional status and lives of children in some of the toughest environments in the world are encouraged to apply.

  3. Leave No One Behind award
    This award will recognize the achievements of a political leader, healthcare worker, or activist, who is advancing the Global Goals by prioritizing the most vulnerable children and families. S/he will be an inspirational leader or politician with an incredible story and who is making a catalytic difference. Nominees who have played a lead role in driving health initiatives and extending access to critical maternal, newborn and child health services are encouraged to apply.

  4. Young Leader award
    This award will go to a young leader, at grassroots or national level, with an extraordinary story about how her/his efforts are contributing to peace or conflict resolution. In many regions, armed conflict and terrorism continue to afflict vulnerable communities and causes severe ethnic, socioeconomic and political tensions. Nominees going above and beyond in accelerating progress before, during or after conflicts are encouraged to apply.

Who can be nominated?

Nominations are now open for outstanding activists or campaign groups who have had demonstrable positive impact and who inspire others – peers in their industry, sector or community – to accelerate progress towards the SDGs. Honourees will be chosen based on their innovative approaches and will have an extraordinary story to tell about how their efforts are accelerating progress in business, innovation, activism and leadership.

Submissions are accepted until July 9, 2017, midnight (EST).

More information on the Global Goals Award are available on UNICEF.org, as well as within the nomination criterias (PD).

Nominations have to be submitted via E-Mail to Jessica Wright: jeswright[at]unicef.org

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