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Apply now: Space Awareness Teaching Competition

You  are an inspiring teacher and know how to reach out to young people to get them interested in space science and related careers? The Space Awareness initiative organises a space awareness teaching competition and invites teachers to share their resources in inspiring young people with space science. Winners will receive attractive prizes.

Throughout Europe (and beyond!) enthusiastic teachers, parents and educators like yourself are finding ways to creatively use the Space Awareness resources in inspiring young people with space science. The competition wants to celebrate the benefits that your hard work has achieved, and share your successes so that your peers can learn from them.

There are two main prize categories:

  • Inspiring young people from diverse backgrounds with space science
  • Supporting young people to become aware of space-related careers

So, whether you teach students from mixed socio-economic communities, manage diverse cultural backgrounds within your classroom, have focused specifically on encouraging girls into space careers, or have creatively met the needs of young people with special needs, enter the competition now.

More information is available online.

Who can apply?

  • Teachers
  • Teacher trainers

Application deadline is 14 October 2017.

Further information is available on the Space Awareness website under "Participation".