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Apply Now: Hanns Seidel Foundation

Programme Description

The foundation sponsors highly-qualified doctoral candidates either from EU-member states or with the legal status of German educational residents (as per BAföG § 8). Applicants from all disciplines completing promising doctoral theses at a higher-education institution in Germany are welcome to apply.

The support aims at helping the scholars become technically competent and responsible citizens who uphold Christian social values and co-operate actively in forming and strengthening Germany's liberal and democratic constitutional order.

Independent of income, scholarship holders are granted a monthly sum of EUR 1,350 plus a research cost allowance of EUR 100 as well as child- and family allowances, if necessary. The scholarship also entails comprehensive non-material support. If the scholar pursues regular professional activities amounting to more than ten hours per week in the fields of research and/or academic teaching, or, for more than five hours per week in other fields, neither the monthly funding nor the research cost allowance will be granted for the duration of said employment.

Target Group

highly-qualified doctoral candidates from EU-member states or with the legal status of German educational nationals (as per BAföG § 8) from all disciplines who complete promising doctoral theses and are committed to the Foundation's Christian social values

Academic Requirements

admission to post-graduate studies (certificate of higher-education degree required) at a state or state-recognized higher-education institution in Germany and proof of first deliverables of the project or at least complete bibliographic information


The scholarship is initially granted for one year with the option to renewal if applied for. An assessment of academic achievement will take place before the award. The sponsorship ends after two years. Under extraordinary circumstances the scholarship may be extended twice for six months at a time. 

Scholarship Value

  • EUR 1,350 per month plus a research cost allowance of EUR 100 and family- and child allowances, if necessary
  • non-material support in the form of, i.e., seminars, events and networking meetings

Application Papers

application forms and further information on the application procedure here 

Application Deadline

15 January and 15 July of each year

For more infromation please visit the Hanns-Seidel Website (in German only)

June 2018