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Apply now: UN SDG Action Awards

To meet the SDGs everyone needs to take SDG action. The UN SDG Action Campaign is looking for the top SDG mobilizers, storytellers, campaigners, connectors, visualizers, includers and creatives across the world who are making this happen!

The winners are announced at a special Awards Ceremony held at the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany (2-4 May 2019), and their initiatives and projects are highlighted throughout the year as an inspiration and role model to the growing global community of SDG leaders, decision-makers and influencers. 

Who can apply?
The UN SDG Action Awards recognize the most brilliant individuals, civil society organizations, subnational governments, foundations, networks, private sector leaders who are working on SDG advocacy to advance the global movement for the Sustainable Development Goals in the most transformative, impactful and innovative way. 

Submissions are open until 30 January 2019.

Further information: UN SDG Action Awards website

December 2018


Hashem Abdulmalek alkebsi
29 January 2019

I have an idea to extract a large amount of crude oil and have less expensive drilling and more effective

Zain alabedeen Ali shahrah
29 January 2019

My idea is to try to connect the electricity to the radio using high frequency and evaluate this frequency so as not to damage the creatures and I am still in research on this idea and you study electrical engineering in the University of Sana'a level 4 and this is my goal

Abdullah AL-kuhali
26 January 2019

My Idea is about education, and protecting the underaged of manipulation and abuse.
Recently, we have heard many stories of kids and teenagers, from all over the world, who lost their lives after being manipulated and exploited by certain gaming apps, such as “The Blue Whale”.
I have been thinking of a solution to help stop such incidents, by developing a tablet device, customized for students, in which the school curriculum is installed. The tablet’s usage, could be a smart phone for teenagers, will be supervised by the school/parents, where any internet access would require their permission.
The device can be used for exams, results, entertaining and educational applications and games suitable for the student’s age and level. Social media apps can be installed within the guidance of the parents who will be updated of all the activities, so if any questionable accesses from a stranger tried to reach out for their kid, it will have to go through them and therefore be blocked, consequently, decreasing the threats of such malicious acts.

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