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Hrvoje Kozmar from Croatia is still benefitting from the scientific contacts he made in Germany.

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A name to conjure with

Few figures in history have had so many landmarks or discoveries named after them. The memory of Alexander von Humboldt is kept alive not only in his anniversary year of 2019 but also in atlases and encyclopaedias. His name even crops up in outer space.

Tropentag 2019: Driving new ideas

“The best thing that can happen to a young academic like myself”: Tropentag in Kassel brings together participants from the fields of science, research, business and politics to discuss the topic of agriculture. Alumni from emerging and developing countries benefit from exciting input as part of a DAAD special project. 

Strengthening democracy, protecting Europe

Populist parties are challenging the European Union and putting the democratic system to the test. At a DAAD alumni meeting in Italy, experts discussed what can be learnt from the fate of the Weimar Constitution and the development of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany.

Do You Understand Me, Siri?

The topic of the DAAD’s Scholarship Meeting at the RWTH University Aachen was artificial intelligence and the Alumniportal decided to investigate what happens when artificial intelligence is confronted with diverse languages and accents.