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Chinese Germany alumni provide support for psychological crisis management


Millions of people in China have been and continue to be in quarantine due to the Corona pandemic. This acute crisis situation is causing many psychological problems and it is necessary that crisis management teams address these, both in China and other countries. This requires the expertise of medical staff and academics in the field of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Chinese Germany alumni are making a significant contribution to this cause.

Humboldtians in Private

Bridging the Gap

The Portuguese-Brazilian biologist Carolina Doran is a Humboldt Research Fellow at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in Berlin. Prior to that, she completed her doctorate at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. During her research stay she organizes soapbox science events, which present science to a wide audience and make female scientists visible.



Nowadays, the term innovation comes across on the conveyor belt, it is almost used inflationarily. It is clear that the pursuit of innovation drives business and science. In our infographic we explain the definition and origin of the term, how innovation can be measured and what innovation means in practice. We also provide important figures on the innovative strength of Germany and other countries.

Artificial intelligence: a look behind the scenes

Can machines act ethically? What risks does artificial intelligence pose – and can art be created out of this? An academic, an artist and a journalist provide insights into how they are addressing this complex subject.