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Science & More: Research and Life in Germany

For the ‘Science Blog’ project, a cooperation with Deutschland.de, the Alumniportal was looking for researchers who are interested in writing a blog about their life and their work.

On the Deutschland.de blog ‘Science & More – Research and Life in Germany’, scientists talk about their work in highly diverse fields of research – and about their everyday lives in Germany, from looking for an apartment to taking a language class, from Hamburg’s fish market to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

These blogs are posted both on Deutschland.de and on the Alumniportal and will thus reach readers all over the world.

Cintia Nunes: Traveling to Hamburg, venturing into the field of Law and Economics

“I exchanged my seaside shrimp-exporter tropical hometown in northeastern Brazil for Hamburg. I won’t say I have never doubted my decision (especially when I have to take my visiting friends to the Fischmarkt at 5 a.m. during winter), but most of the time I am a very happy Hamburg resident. So much many of my classmates have dearly called me the EDLE Ambassador of Hamburg (EDLE stands for European Doctorate in Law and Economics, the structured PhD programme I am enrolled in).

Moving across the Atlantic and ‘slightly’ to the north in September 2012 for EMLE (European Master in Law and Economics) was not my only major life change in the last years. I also went from being a fully qualified lawyer to a less-than-qualified economist (who fortunately managed to pass my statistics examination). Venturing into the field of Law and Economics was like moving to foreign country when I first began my Masters of Laws programme – but now I already speak the language and even have insider’s tips. I can’t imagine having another life.”

About Cintia Nunes:

“I am from Brazil and currently enrolled in the European Doctorate in Law and Economics, which is an Erasmus Mundus PhD. I am researching about the regulation of the oil industry in Brazil from a Law and Economics point of view. The structure of the program is very interesting, as we have mandatory mobility periods in the main partner universities: Bologna (where I spent my first semester), Hamburg and Rotterdam. Hamburg is my ‘Home University’ and I will stay at least until I finish my PhD, in September 2016.”

‘Science Blog’ project on Deutschland.de

Are you currently researching in Germany and would you like to write about it? Or are you doing scientific work in another country in constant contact with Germany’s research scene?

Please feel free to drop a line at Johannes.Goebel(at)fs-medien.de with brief information about your current research work and your time in Germany.

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