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Germany’s Education Server – a guide to education in Germany and around the globe

The German Education Server (Eduserver) provides information on all aspects of the German educational system. Details of innovative federal and state-level educational projects and programmes are made available alongside information on European Union educational programmes and global projects.

The German Education Server (Deutscher Bildungsserver – DBS) is an online portal for information and internet resources on the topic of education. It brings together content from the country’s national and federal governments, the European Union, universities, schools, state institutes, non-university research facilities, learned bodies, libraries and museums. The German Education Server provides a structure for all this information and groups it according to topic.

The EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme

The German Education Server provides information on innovative projects and pilot schemes offered by the national and federal governments and other providers as well as details of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme. With its four key sub-programmes, this programme covers all sectors of education and all age groups:

  • Comenius promotes mobility and exchanges in compulsory education
  • Erasmus is an exchange programme for higher education students
  • Leonardo da Vinci promotes cross-border initial and further vocational education and training
  • Grundtvig is an adult education programme

From 2014, these programmes will be combined under the name ‘Erasmus for All’.

International programmes from the German Education Server

Alongside extensive information on the German educational system, the German Education Server also contains a lot of useful information on international education systems and programmes.

‘Education worldwide’ is another portal on the German Education Server and has been designed as a gateway to international educational information. Interested parties can find information on education policy, legislation, statistics and other international education provision. A database also gathers together information on educational systems around the world, which is increasingly important in the context of globalisation and increasing mobility.

Take a look at what the German Education Server has to offer; it has been an official partner of Alumniportal Deutschland since November 2012.

Author: Miriam Moser

March 2013

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Gift Malambo
5 January 2017

I am a journalist with more than 15 years of working experience in both print & electric media. I am now in the process of opening my own radio station. May I be linked with any media organization or other institutions which maybe interested in polishing or giving me some modern technology in media.

munim hussein
22 July 2014

i am iraqi refugee live in yemen from 1997>i'd like to apply to have ma .my grade in 1990 from basrah university.

5 August 2013

Dear Aswin,
Thank you for your question. We are not supposed to suggest single universities, and whether a university is good for *you* depends on many subjective criteria that we cannot decide on for you. But we can give you some information on where you can look for university rankings: the best known university ranking in Germany is the CHE ranking: www.eduserver.de/db/mlesen_e.html?Id=38521.

A well know worldwide University ranking is the Times Higher Education World University Ranking: www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2012-13/world-ranking/region/europe/range/001-200/order/country|asc

For rankings made by students themselves, these two pages can help you, but here, you will have to know German:
www.meinprof.de/hochschulranking; www.unicheck.de

In general, you should always look for the criteria underlying these rankings to understand how the ranking was established.

In you want to persue your studies in Germany, one of the first websites you should also check is the website of the German Academic Exchange Service: www.daad.de/deutschland/en/

Good luck and kind regards,

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