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Infographic: Learning German worldwide

More and more people are learning the German language. Are you one of them? With over 15 million people worldwide learning German in 2015, the language is on the cutting edge. In times of globalization, German language skills are regarded as an important career qualification. But there are other good reasons for picking up a German textbook.

What are the motives for learning the German language? Where in the world are the largest numbers of people who are learning German? Which groups of people are studying German? And is your country among the top five German-learning countries on your continent? Have a look at our infographics and find out which country is the world-wide number one when it comes to learning German.

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September 2016

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Jesus Romano
23 November 2019

Can you recommend a language academy to learn german in Lisbon, Portugal? I really appreciate the help. Thanks,

31 March 2017

Ich habe Deutch gelernt,weil ich Deutsch Lehrerin werden wollte.
Von meiner Erfahrung ist diese Sprache sehr interressant und lebendig.
Als Studentin habe ich mein Deutsch Unterrichten viel genossen. Ich hatte viel Spaß bei Filme sehen , die GruppenArbeit ,Rollen Spielen, Zugenbrecher usw. Alles war super!!
Vor allen Dingen ..wenn man eine Sprache lernt, erhöht das seine geistige Fähigkeit.
Es gibt viele andere Vorteilen,eine Sprache zu lernen.
Viel Spaß beim lernen.

Javier Lifa
29 March 2017

As a young journalist and a native speaker of Spanish with full command of English and German in the late '80s I was able to see just how important foreign languages are for the multiplication of one's career opportunities. I never regretted, not even for one minute, the effort it took me to foot the cost of German courses, both at Goethe Institute and private tuition. I would do it again if I had to.
Nowadays I am glad my children are fluent in other languages. They have learned through playing and singing and acting. They enjoy the learning process and make their second and third languages an active part of the lives.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend others to start German classes right away!

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